Through the unremitting efforts of generations of scholars, the school has accumulated a strong academic background and formed a high-level faculty with well-known scholars and experts as the backbone along with a reasonable echelon structure. Academician Ma Zuguang, a model for senior intellectuals in the new era, is an outstanding representative of this faculty. The college currently has 457 faculty members, of whom 181 are in full professors/researchers and 155 are in associate professors/researchers. Among the faculty, there are 10 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, 8 winners of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, and 12 winners of the Excellent Young Scientists Fund. 2 winners of the national “Teaching Masters Award of Higher Education”, and 22 people was selected in nationalTen Thousand Talents Program”. There are 2 innovation research groups from the National Natural Science Foundation of China, 4 innovation teams from the Ministry of Education, 4 national defense science and technology innovation teams, and 2 innovative teams in key fields from the Ministry of Science and Technology. Three national model teachers have emerged in the faculty of the school, a group of teachers and teams have won the National Innovation Award and Medal, the National University Huang Danian Teacher Team, the National Worker Pioneer, and the National Advanced Collective of Professional and Technical Talents and other honors.